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Portuguese Goat Stew

“Chanfana de cabrito, or goat Stew, is a variation of one of the most signature dishes in Portuguese traditional cuisine. Chanfana is a meat stew made with goat combining flavorful ingredients like bacon, mint, garlic, and piri-piri in a tasteful dish that has a slightly spicy kick. This stew is traditionally slowly cooked in a medium sized clay pot, but a metal cooking pan may be used as well. It is frequently served with boiled potatoes on the side. If you want to refine the flavors, this dish tastes even better reheated to be enjoyed the next day!”

Bon appetit!

Antonio Seabra


My acupuncture doctor who was trained in China told me that traditionally when a woman gave birth she would be given a goat soup. He said if she was weak it would give her strength

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